Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement: Pipe Bursting and Pipe Relining Methods

Get the cost-effective solution for your septic tank

Having your sewer line replaced can be a time-consuming and expensive project; however, that doesn’t always have to be the case. At AAA Sewer Services, our trenchless piping can get the job done more efficiently while saving your landscaping and yard from unnecessary damage.

When AAA Sewer Services replaces your sewer line, they will use one of two methods:

  • Bursting System
  • Realigning System
Bursting System

With modern technology, it no longer requires digging up your entire yard to replace the sewer line. With the Bursting Method, we locate the sewer line and dig two small holes. One at the house, the other over the city main. We then pull a cable through the existing pipe. In the first hole, we attach a bursting cone to the cable and attach the new pipe(HDPE) behind the cone. In the second hole, we put a hydraulic unit that grabs the cable pulling the cones into the existing pipe and push(burst) the old pipe out of the way and pull the new pipe in. We continue this procedure until the new pipe is pulled all the way through. The connections are made and you have a new sewer line. The holes are filled in and, because they are normally small holes, we are able to put the yard back together as if no one had even been there.

Relining System

Pipe Relining, or cured in place, is a method of rehabilitating the existing pipe. The pipe is cleaned preparing it to host the new liner. The liner is a fabric with a PVC shell. The liner is filled with resin and loaded into a tank that is pressurized. The liner is then shot down the pipe. Next, a balloon is shot inside the liner and expanded where it is held until the resin has cured. Once the resin has cured, the balloon is deflated and removed, giving you a refurbished sewer line. The resin is 3 to 4 mils thick so it does not reduce the inside diameter of the pipe hardly at all. One advantage of relining is that it only requires one hole. Pipe bursting replaces the old pipe with a completely new pipe, thicker than schedule 40 plastic pipe. With relining, you are rehabilitating the existing pipe, though the type of host pipe and what kind of shape it is in will determine how good of liner you are getting.

Our preference is typically to use the pipe busting method, however; each has its place and reasons for use.

Get the cost-effective solution for your septic tank

With trenchless piping from AAA Sewer Servicing, you'll only see two small holes in your grass and won't have to remodel your yard, which could save you thousands of dollars.